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Our Vision for the Future.

We are investing in robust science to determine the extent to which we can control our health & performance. Much of what we think is outside of our control is actually within our control if we have the knowledge. At Epigenix our programs are designed to discover, validate and inform impactful outcomes.

At Epigenix Foundation we have spent $6 million of our own money in 2 years, with no economic end game, to prove the following hypothesis: can cancer be prevented or reversed with a nutritional performance based protocol? Essentially, we are in the validation game.


So, the question we are faced with – do we want an additional 40 years of genetic research with little outcome or, do we ANNIHILATE CANCER TODAY by investing in epigenetics that will provide impactful outcomes?  The Choice is Ours!


Epigenix Foundation promotes research to prevent or ameliorate disease, maximize quality of life and/or improve personal performance. Our research is impacting all the following areas: Cancer Cognitive Function Seizures Physical Performance Diabetes Cardiovascular disease Metabolism


At Ketopet we have been providing human grade cancer therapy for Shelter Dogs with Cancer – This isn’t your typical canine rescue facility. Ketopet goes out of its way to rescue dogs that face euthanization with incurable, terminal cancer.

Our goal isn’t to provide hospice-like treatment for terminal dogs – of course we care for and love the animals, but instead of writing off the canine companions to their fate, we at Ketopet provide groundbreaking cancer therapy. We’ve been doing this since October of 2014 and the results are astounding. Plus, we guarantee each dog will have a loving forever home, for life.

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