Meet Our Partners



Epigenix Foundation partners with like-minded nonprofit organizations, corporations, associations and foundations to understand the epigenetic impact of metabolic interventions on human and canine disease and performance.


We thank the following organizations for helping us develop nutrition-based systems to improve metabolism, so that people can Make the Choice and Measure the Impact for themselves and their pets.




Quest Keto


Quest Keto enables you to take the guesswork out of measuring your macros so that you can enjoy the benefits of a deliciously ketogenic diet.


Since 2016 Quest Keto has supported Epigenix Foundation’s breakthrough research studies in cancer in humans and dogs utilizing a ketogenic diet protocol. Through this dynamic partnership, Quest Keto hopes to improve the quality and longevity of life as we work together to validate the efficacy of the ketogenic diet and its application in reversing cancer and other metabolic diseases.